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mount pleasant hotel doncaster Louisa & Jack

mount pleasant hotel doncaster Louisa & Jack

Mount Pleasant Hotel Doncaster Louisa & Jack

The Mount Pleasant Hotel Doncaster, hosted the wedding of Louisa & Jack, on Wednesday.

Firstly we started out by greeting Jack and his bestman at the front of the Mount Pleasant hotel. 
The wedding car was provided by Fabulous Cars owned and run by Ian Brown, providing beautifully kept vintage style cars.

mount pleasant hotel doncaster bridegroom
Whilst Jack and the guys were chilling by the pond, I couldn’t resist pointing out the “caution deep water” sign behind Jack which caused much laughter and merriment between the blokes.

Because fo this, Jack was met with such comments  as “Yep, it really doesn’t get any deeper than this, it is a wedding day after all eh?”

Jokingly, Jack asked for a photo of him by the sign so that he could share it later on.
mount pleasant hotel doncaster bridegroom

Our groom, Jack, and his groomsmen were fun of high spirits and seemed to be ready for all of  excitement on the day.

Everyone was looking forward to the lovely relaxed family wedding.

These photos taken at the front of the Mount Pleasant hotel really captured the mood of the happy group.

mount pleasant hotel doncaster groomsmen

Our radiant bride, Louisa arrived with her father, and her bridesmaids.

She made her way smiling through the reception area, holding her deliciously scented bouquet of pink and white peonies and roses. (flowers by Jills Fab Flowers)
mount pleasant hotel doncaster (3) bride in foyer
Through the “secret garden”, the bridal party made their way to the wedding gazebo where their guests were waiting.
mount pleasant hotel doncaster (4) bride father
The short ceremony was sealed with a kiss.
mount pleasant hotel doncaster (5) first kiss
The register signed.
mount pleasant hotel doncaster (6) signing wedding register
Then time to celebrate with friends, family and champagne.
mount pleasant hotel doncaster (7) just married
mount pleasant hotel doncaster bride with bridesmaid
mount pleasant hotel doncaster wedding couple

Wedding Photos in the grounds at Mount Pleasant hotel

Although time was limited, we took the opportunity to take advantage of the lush grounds of the mount Pleasant hotel.
mount pleasant hotel doncaster wedding rings
mount pleasant hotel doncaster bride on bridge
mount pleasant hotel doncaster bride posing
mount pleasant hotel doncaster happy couple together
Just time for a few more wedding photos with the vintage style wedding car before it was time for the new Mr & Mrs Donkin to join their guests for the wedding breakfast.
mount pleasant hotel doncaster wedding couple front of hotel

mount pleasant hotel doncaster wedding car


Mount Pleasant wedding photography

I hope that you have enjoyed looking at these photos as much as I have enjoyed sharing them with you. I wish all the very best to Louisa & Jack and look forward to seeing them again soon.

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So, till next time…   Ian

Owston Hall, Doncaster wedding of Alyssa & Dale

Owston Hall, Doncaster wedding of Alyssa & Dale

wedding-photographers-owston-hall-doncaster (8

Congratulations to Alyssa and Dale who were married at the Owston Hall Hotel in Doncaster a year ago this weekend.
The weather was decidedly different to this week with knee deep snow abound. Our paths crossed in Doncaster last week whilst I was at the Grand St. Leger wedding show and it was really good to see them both once again.



Here’s a quick link to a Pinterest board I’ve opened up especially for Alyssa and Dale.

Wedding photography has never been so much fun as when as a wedding photographer you have your happy couple throwing snow balls!

wedding-photographers-owston-hall-doncaster (10












I wish you both many more years of wedded bliss God bless and take care.
Yours, as ever


wedding-photographers-owston-hall-doncaster (

wedding-photographers-owston-hall-doncaster (7


wedding-photographers-owston-hall-doncaster (11


wedding-photographers-owston-hall-doncaster (5


Here’s that Pinterest link again.

wedding open day

wedding open day

wedding open day / wedding fayres doncaster 2014

wedding fayres doncaster 2014










The Grand St. Leger are having a special wedding open day this Sunday the 16th of March and I will be there to support this fine Doncaster wedding venue. It’s just a short step over the road from the I Do wedding fayre over at the race course, although you won’t get pestered by wedding show exhibitors here. There will be a calm and well presented hotel ready set up to show you what a real wedding is like.

Paula (the most charming and well known wedding co-ordinator around) will be there to offer you all of the help you could need and answer your questions. I too will be able to take the extra time out for a friendly chat without the hassle of a large wedding fayre. Ah…bliss

Hopefully we’ll see you there this Sunday the 16th.

Till then…


wedding fayre the stables high melton 2014

the stables high melton wedding fayre 2014

How I would love to be with you at the stables high melton wedding fayre 2014 for what I’m certain will be a great wedding open day. As it happens, the day clashes with a pre-wedding engagement shoot I have booked in. Never the less, this doesn’t deter me from answering all requests for wedding photography at the Stables at High Melton. So please enjoy yourselves and give me a call after the event. Meantime, here’s the Stables wedding venue page and of course our wedding galleries here.

Yours as always



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“Mount Pleasant Hotel, Doncaster one year on

“Mount Pleasant Hotel, Doncaster one year on

Happy first anniversary to Lauren & Michael!
This weekend welcomes the celebration of Doncaster couple Lauren & Michael on the first anniversary of their grand reception at the Mount Pleasant Hotel, Doncaster, following their wedding at Arksey church. Has it really been a whole year?…I’m afraid it has.

I’m so happy to report that Lauren & Michael have had a good year and I’m also pleased to say that they have remained in touch on Facebook.

Their slideshow is still live at here on Youtube.
Lets hope that the future remains rosy for the both of you!


Till next time.

Best wishes



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