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Wedding fayre Hazlewood Castle 2014 and why I won’t be going.

Wedding fayre Hazlewood Castle 2014
Wedding fayre Hazlewood Castle 2014 – A strange headline you may think, but there are genuine reasons for not attending the Hazlewood Castle wedding fayres or many others for that matter.

I must state right from the off that I have no axe to grind with Hazlewood Castle and if the truth be known, I really like the all of the staff who look after their wedding couples really well. No, there’s nothing against booking your wedding day at Hazlewood at all, its a fantastic wedding venue.


Try as I might, I can’t really justify the seemingly hefty price tag to attend.

The last wedding fayres at Hazlewood Castle that I was party to, cost me over £250.00 Now fairly, that cost has to be found from somewhere and guess who ultimately pay’s? That’s right, YOU.

So how do I attract clients for Hazlewood Castle? Simple…recommendations.

By not attending every wedding fayre around in today’s scene, allows me to keep my prices at a more reasonable level than those who have to afford a multitude of exhibitions.

Hopefully you will agree when you visit my price page. These prices do not compromise our usual high standards of quality. We’re proud of our value for money wedding photography packages and I would encourage you to visit the page.

#hazlewood,#castle,#wedding,#fayre,#2014,blog,2 So here’s to those of you who are prepared to delve a little deeper that the first set of internet results that they come across. Wedding fayre Hazlewood Castle 2014 ? I don’t think so.

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Yours, as ever


Wedding fayre Hazlewood Castle 2014