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Congratulations Vicki & John

This week finds a wedding celebration for Vicki and John at a wedding venue called The Caves, in the heart of Edinburgh. I must say right from the outset, that this wonderful wedding was held in the most unusual of venues. The Caves has seen many weddings…probably due to its unique interior. The first couple of photos will show the venue off with its warm and relaxed surroundings.
wedding photographer 001
wedding photographer 002

A warm welcome indeed

At this point I would like to pop in a quick mention to thank Vicki & John’s family and friends for their hospitality and generosity throughout the whole wedding celebrations.
“Lang may yer lum reek! ”
wedding photographer 007

Granny Tootie

A very special mention needs to be noted for “Granny Tootie” aka Nellie. Instead of John having a best man, he elected instead to have a “Best Gran”, and what a tremendous job she made of her duties. Firstly as custodian of the rings, followed a heart warming speech making her task complete. What a lovely lady…Nellie, it was a privilege to meet you! God bless!
wedding photographer 022

The Photos

wedding photographer 003
wedding photographer 004

wedding photographer 005

wedding photographer 006

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wedding photographer 011

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wedding photographer 023

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What more needs to be said?

Its a shame that we can’t repeat this wedding day on a regular basis (with the same couple of course).
As I hope that you can see from the photos above, everyone had an absolute ball.

Which just leaves me to wish Vicki & John every happiness for the future.

Yours, as always (the hawf weegie 😉 )


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FaceBook comments

“Ian we would recommend you in a heart beat, your professionalism and thoughtful manner without a doubt made our day extra special. Your photo’s are AMAZING!!! Thank you again John Peters and Vicki Peters”

“Vicki Peters: We would like to say a massive Thank you to you Ian and of course Jan for making our day so special, you have provided us with so many memories and took the time to make sure you gave us Amazing photo’s with such perfection. We would not of thought of asking for many of the shots you provided and are so pleased you did, as they have added to our memories of the day. Oh and you were amazing company. Love John Peters and Vicki Peters x

Vicki Peters Ian Greenfield without a doubt an amazing Wedding Photographer!!! Thank you x

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★★★★★ “Brilliant photographer , would definitely recommend to anyone.” Nellie Thomson

You were amazing. Thank you for everything . Margaret. Willie and Grannie Tootie xx