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We trade as Ian Greenfield Photography.

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We need to collect data to enable us to associate a name and delivery address with any goods ordered, and we need this consent to fulfil delivery of your order.

This information is held by us until an order has had a reasonable time in postage transit to reach you the customer and for tax and accounting purposes only, which could be approximately one year.

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You may have access to any of your details we hold, by request: ie. your name, address and any other contact details we have, plus a date and description of the goods you have ordered.

Payment details are not stored by us but may be held by PayPal if you purchase via this method. See www.paypal.com for further information.

Our pay online service is divided into two distinct sections.

( All payments are made to Mr Ian Greenfield via PayPal for Ian Greenfield Photography

Please click the appropriate coloured link heading below:

Use this section to pre-order mounted prints at a future event

Pre-Pay Orders

Use this section to request mounted prints from our online gallery after an event

Post Orders

Pre-Pay multi-print order Section

( Please use this area to place “Pre-paid orders” for events yet to occur )

Pre-Pay orders are only available 24hrs prior to an event.


To enable us to process and record your order accurately, please send an email with the name of the recipient at the event, your details plus the date and name of the event so that we can verify your order at the event itself.

If you don’t let us know, we may not be able to identify the recipient.

Please send your email via this red link CLICK TO SEND EMAIL
Please click the PayPal button below to place your order, thank you.



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Pre-Pay Packages ( for over 75 or more mounted photos )

Please read this section in full before following the link to the payments page, thank you.

If you are unsure of the correct amount, please ask before you proceed.
You can call us on 07903 646186 inside normal working hours or send an email via THIS LINK
To place an order for a Pre-Pay Package please click this link and you will be taken to our main photography site at Ian Greenfield Photography.

Post order Section – How to send your order

Please use this area to place “Post event orders” for 9x6ins photos selected from the galleries page.
To be able to give you this very special prices, we undertake just two print runs per month to help us print your images in an economical manner.
Please allow around 14 days for delivery, which may vary slightly according to dates for printing, thank you.

all prices below include P&P to UK addresses

1 x 9×6 mounted photo £17.00
2 x 9×6 mounted photos £30.00
3 x 9×6 mounted photos £39.00
4 x 9×6 mounted photos £44.00

To enable us to process and record your order accurately, please send an email with your name and address plus the date of the event and most importantly the picture number(s) so that we can identify your order from the event itself. Picture numbers can be found at the foot of the pictures whilst viewing your event gallery.

Please send your email via this red link CLICK TO SEND YOUR EMAIL
Then click the Paypal button below to make your purchase, thank you.

We regret we cannot supply pictures at the same prices charged at your event, due to costs incurred for P&P and handling.



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